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Welcome to the Home of Windows X-Lite

and Phoenix LiteOS Custom Windows Builds!

Our Optimized Windows Builds are designed to Enhance Performance, Privacy, Stability and Control, and work with all Apps and Games on all PCs. Old or New, Weak or Strong, Desktop or Laptop.

100% Safe, 100% Clean, 100% Optimized for Performance.


The Videos Below explain in more detail what Windows X-Lite is about, and how using our Custom Windows Builds Can Benefit You, and how you can better utilize our Custom Builds.

Our Optimized Windows Builds are NOT Pre-Activated and don't include Toolkits,

because both can contain hidden code and malware, and our goal is to provide you

with the cleanest, safest, most trustworthy custom Windows builds possible.

What is Windows X-Lite?

Keep Yourself Updated!

What can Windows X-Lite Do for You!?

Boost FPS! Maximize Performance!

Minimize Resource Use, Maximize Performance!