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➡️ How to Use the Microsoft Store

Go to Start Menu - Tools - and Click the 'Windows Update Service On' Shortcut.

The Microsoft Store will now open and function normally for you. If the Microsoft Store did not come pre-installed, Inside our included 'Extras' Folder on the Desktop, you'll find a Microsoft Store Installer.




➡️ How to fix Microsoft Account Sign In

Before signing into a Microsoft account, you'll need to enable UAC (User Account Control) first. In the Desktop's 'Extras' Folder, you'll find a registry file to turn on UAC in the 'Fix Xbox Sign in' subfolder. Run the UAC On registry file, followed by restarting your PC to complete changes.




➡️ How to Unlock Mobile Devices Settings

Head over to our Registry Tweaks page, and download the Unlock Mobile Devices Settings Registry File. Import (Run) the registry file to unlock the Mobile Devices Settings in Windows Settings - Bluetooth & Devices.





➡️ How to Use Windows Firewall

Go to Start Menu - Tools - and click the 'Windows Firewall On' Shortcut.




➡️ How to Use the Xbox App and Game Pass

Go to Start Menu - Tools - and click the 'Windows Update Service On' Shortcut.

Launch the MS Store, and Download the Xbox App.

Go to Xbox App settings, and download identity provider, and gaming services etc.


You'll also need to turn on UAC, by running the 'UAC On' registry file in our

'Fix Xbox Sign In' subfolder located inside the 'Extras' Folder on the Desktop,

followed by restarting your PC to allow the 'Sign In' Button to function

normally in the Xbox App.




➡️ How to Install Printer Drivers and Print

Go to Start Menu - X-Lite Tools - and click the 'Windows Print Spooler On' Shortcut.

You can also enable printing through the Extras folder on the Desktop.




➡️ How to Pause Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates are already paused in our releases by default, until the year 3000. This offers you more control, and gives you the choice whether to enable them or not. If you want to resume updates, click 'Resume Updates' in Windows Settings - Windows Update. After Resuming Updates, you can choose to pause them again for up to 10 years.


To keep your PC running as light, and optimally as possible, we recommend leaving Automatic Updates paused, and updating manually instead, by downloading the Update Packs available on our website, which keeps you in control of if, and when updates get installed on your PC.


Also keep in mind, our Ultralight Builds are not updatable. If updates are important to you, we recommend installing our Optimum 10 and 11 Builds instead, which have full support for updating your OS Build.




➡️ How to Enable Network File Sharing

Go to Start Menu - Run - 'services.msc'

Or go to Start Menu - Windows Tools - Services

Then Locate the 'Workstation' service and change its startup type to 'automatic', then under 'service status', click 'start' to enable Network File Sharing.




➡️ How to use BitLocker

Go to Start Menu - Run - 'services.msc'

Or go to Start Menu - Windows Tools - Services

Then locate the 'Bitlocker Drive Encryption Service' and change

it's startup type to 'automatic', then under 'service status', click 'start'.




➡️ How to Fix Custom Themes After Updating Build

In select builds where 3rd party custom themes are used, after updating your OS Build, you'll need to download Ultra UX Theme Patcher  software from our 'Software' - 'Apps' Page, Install it, restart your PC, and Custom Themes will

have the ability to display properly again for your viewing pleasure.