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     • Micro 11 23H2 v2 is Here!


• A refinement of our original Ultralight Windows 11 23H2 release, which

includes several new changes, improvements and optimizations.


• Typically I'd go with the latest available OS Build for new releases (like this one), but after

creating and testing a dozen different v2 builds using various 23H2 updates, it just so happens that

OS Build 22631.2428 is still the best currently available for a Windows 11 23H2 Ultralight release.


• If you find our Ultralight releases (like Micro 11) lack features you need, we recommend using

our 'Optimum 11' releases instead, which will run just as light, fast and responsive, but offer virtually

the same features and support as an untouched build of Windows.


- Hope you all enjoy this release! - šŸ’œ James.

- Please visit us on Ko-Fi to learn more about the Windows X-Lite Project!



Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!