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Windows 11 23H2 Language Pack Support



Windows X-Lite builds are designed to be as light and

lean as possible, without sacrificing feature or function.


This philosophy is the driving force behind our full featured

Optimum 10 and Optimum 11 Custom Windows Builds.


Only removing the superfluous, and keeping everything needed to offer virtually the same compatibility and support

as an untouched build of Windows, including additional language support! This gives you the control and freedom

to choose what you want to install, more of a blank canvas to create your ideal desktop experience with.


As of late, Even in Stock builds of windows 11 23H2, there appears to be issues when adding language packs, as parts

of the system don't get translated to the language of your preference, after adding the language pack of your choice.


The most recent Windows 11 23H2 build that appears to have full support for proper language translation system wide

is OS Build 22631.2428.  For this reason, I currently recommend Windows 11 23H2 users install this build if they

intend to install a language pack other than the included default English US language pack.


After installing your desired language pack, and restarting your PC, you can then safely update your OS Build to the

latest Windows 11 23H2 Build, either by enabling automatic updates, or by installing the manual update packs available

on our website, and your language will still retain full and proper translation system wide.


Our builds are designed to be globally friendly, so I hope this information helps our Global users in not only

troubleshooting potential language pack issues, but deciding which Windows X-Lite build is best for their needs.


For the time being, we will continue to host 'Optimum 11 Pro' v2 (OS Build 22631.2428) as it is our

recommended build for most users, especially those intending to install a language pack.