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If you're interested in using Windows 11 23H2, here's what we recommend:


Going forward with Windows 11, now is a good time to switch to using Microsoft's latest version, 23H2. It is now pubicly available, which means it will receive full update support, and promises stability and refinement through the coming months as well.


Since there are many new features and changes that Microsoft has implemented, we stongly recommend switching to one of our new releases, that have optimizations in place taking the new features and changes into account, and will provide you with the best Windows 11 23H2 experience.


Rather than updating one of our older releases, we recommend installing any of the following releases below instead, for the best Windows 11 23H2 experience:


➡️ Optimum 11 Home 23H2

➡️ Optimum 11 Pro 23H2

➡️ Ultimate 11 Neon 23H2

➡️ Exceptional 11 v3

➡️ Optimum 11 Home v2