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Windows 11 22H2 Home (Build 22621.1992) AMD64


• Atomic 11 v2 is based on my current favorite Version, Edition, and Build

of Windows. This release was designed and created to provide users with a

build of Windows as small and light as possible while still retaining

the support, features and function that most users need.


• This release should be able to do everything our Micro 11 releases can do, the main differences being this release does not include .NET Framework 3.5 (and it cannot be added) or WLAN adapter drivers (so have your WiFi drivers downloaded and ready to go before installing) and uses a minimal Windows Setup. I've tested this release

personally on 11th gen Intel and 7th gen AMD Ryzen platforms without issue.


• Metered connection is enabled by default in this build. I highly

recommend leaving it enabled. This means Windows will not automatically

download drivers for your PC, so I recommend downloading drivers directly

from the MFG websites instead!




What's Hot!?

• 1.2GB ISO!

• 2.4GB Installed Size!

• Virtual Memory enabled by default!

• Includes Optional System Transparency!

• Integrates Intel RST Drivers into Windows Setup!

• Offers Enhanced Performance, Privacy and Control!

• Full Support for UWP Apps, Xbox, MS Store and much more!

• Updated Framework, Runtime Libraries, and Desktop App Installer!

• Includes Custom Themes, Wallpaper, and Much More!

• Additional Improvements and Optimizations!

• No Pre-installed UWP Apps!


• Support for Legacy PC's 

• Support for Desktops, Laptops, and Tablet PC's

• Support for Additional Language Packs


💥 Designed to work on All PC's. Old or new, weak or strong, Desktop or Laptop.


➡️ Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, CPU, and Storage Checks!

➡️ Bypasses Microsoft's Forced Account Creation during Setup / Installation!



  • Removed Features Include  - Cortana, Smart Screen, Edge, UWP Apps, WSL2, WLAN Drivers, One Drive, Smart Card, Windows Defender, Windows Mail, Backup and Restore, Telemetry, Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, Maps, Optional Feature Support (WSL2, Hyper-V, etc.), Update Support, Component Store, Speech, Voice Activation, Some Fonts.


  • Disabled Features Include  - Error Reporting, Indexing, UAC, Ads, Telemetry,

    Hibernation, Power Throttling, Automatic Maintenance.


  • Performance Prioritized!  - This build has been designed to Maximize Performance, Responsiveness, and Resource Savings.

• Use Rufus ONLY to write the ISO to a USB Drive.
• Boot from the USB Drive, and Perform a Clean Installation to your desired partition.

• *Your PC Will Reboot Once, Shortly After Installation Completes.



• We Recommend you download and install DX9 and VC++ Runtimes from our Software Page

​• For AMD Ryzen PC's, please download the latest Chipset Drivers from our Software Page

• To Troubleshoot any issues you may have, please read our Guides Page for help!



Please Read Carefully Before Using This Build!


Our Ultralight Builds keep what's needed to run most 3rd party Apps and Games, but don't support most Microsoft services, like Windows Mail, Windows Calendar, BitLocker, Smart Card, One Drive, Defender,  Backup and Restore, Speech, Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, Windows Updates, or Optional Features

(like Hyper-V, WSA, WSL2) and can run into issues with additional languages.


These Builds do have full support for Desktops, Laptops, and Tablet PC's, WLAN, Bluetooth, MS Store, UWP Apps, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Controllers, Printing, and will support most 3rd Party Apps and Games.


Our Full Featured Updatable builds run just as light and fast as our Ultralight builds, and offer much more compatibility, features, services, support, and can be updated if desired. For most users, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using our full featured, updatable  builds instead of our Ultralight ones. Since some prefer using stripped down, barebones builds like these, we've decided to make them available for those interested in using them.

Additional Fonts

If you're missing Font Characters,

Download and install the fonts available here!: